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About us

Let’s find you clothes that make you feel extraordinary

When you love what you’re wearing, it shows...

So let us match you with items perfectly expressing your personality, style and taste.

At Barbuti, you’ll enjoy a complete, personal service – with an Italian Espresso if you wish.

It’s an experience long forgotten in ordinary department stores and malls.

And there’s no pressure or rush.Take your time … tell us about your wardrobe … and what you feel it needs.

Let’s pull some items off the shelves and see what you like best.

It doesn’t matter if it’s formal or casual wear you’re after. Whatever you need, you’re certain to find it here.

And please, don’t think we’re a bunch of nodding “Yes” men.

When you step out the changing room, we’ll give you our honest opinion.

Often, the smallest tweaks can turn a flattering outfit into something that really dazzles.Naturally, we’re also sticklers for good fit. Should you need adjustments, we’re ready – with the experience, pins and thread – to get your sizing perfect.

But you don't just take my word for it, our customers are the best ones to tell you:

Yet this exceptional service doesn’t cost you one cent extra.

It all starts with your FREE Wardrobe Consultation worth $180

Get expert advice so you:

At Barbuti, we scour the globe to bring you the very best from all these top brands: