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How to Care For Your Fine Neckwear

Eliminate Wrinkling

Step 1: Always unknot your tie when not in use and give it a few days rest before further wear.

Step 2: Roll your tie tightly and let it sit for a day or two.

Step 3: Hang the tie after wearing and the wrinkles will disappear.

Cleaning Stains

Step 1: Water Stains: Brush tie one way with a dry wool cloth, or;

Step 2: Choose a professional with a good reputation in neckwear care to dry clean your ties.

Eliminate Fraying and Loose Threads

Step 1: If the tie's threads pick, never pull the treads or shave down with a blade or scissors, this will damage the tie instead.

Step 2: Light a match and carefully burn off the excess frayed threads without burning the tie. This will give new life to the tie.


It is a fact that a properly chosen tie can make an impressive showing. The tie is the focal point of the wardrobe. A quality tie is the finishing touch on a man's suit.

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