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Safeguard Your Suit

You've put a lot of money into your suitings and the accessories that go with. Make sure to take care of your garments in the best way possible. Unless your suit is stained, twice a year to the dry-cleaners is plenty. Remember, the more trips to the cleaners your suit takes, the shorter life span it has. Always remove your clothing from the dry-cleaning bags as soon as you get home as they trap moisture and can cause the lining to streak. To keep your suit fresh, let your clothes breath by an open window, which is much better than the harsh chemicals.

Ideally, you want one suit for each day of the week. Store them in clean suit bag. Plastic is acceptable, but less preferred. Keeping them stored and ready will make them last longer and look better. Keep the pockets of suit jacket sewn closed to avoid the temptation to fill them with items that will stretch and ruin the fabric and lines of your jacket.

Hangers protect the shape of your garments. There are hangers made for suits, trousers, and shirts - invest in some and your clothing will last much longer.

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