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Joe's and Zelda's
Hot Picks

Today's look is polished, which is why we wear ours with a tie. Yet the Parajumper jacket can bring out anyone's inner playfulness, you know the one who gets the girl... we just can't promise it will happen for you!

This season it's razor sharp looks for fall, even though the fabric weights are heavier, precision is still demanded.

Notice how Zelda and Joe pair up the Boss crisp spread collars with slim lapels and ties that are all perfectly in sync - bloody good style! The colour that you are starting to see everywhere but not sure what it is called? Well it's oxblood - we know, it sounds gory, but its a great look.

No look is complete without the right footwear. Notice it's not a shoe that's chosen for fall but a boot with an elegantly classic brogue four-foot.