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Barbuti was established in 1991, in the Bayview Village Shopping Center. With thousands of satisfied returning customers, it is clear their expertise in customer care guarantees quality service and satisfaction.

In 2009 they moved their operation to the Shops at Don Mills and launched their new Hugo Boss "shop-in-shop" along with their other high quality lines. New location, new look - same exceptional service to their unique and varied clientele.

About Joe
Joe Barbuti

Joseph, aka Joey...

For 30 years, word of mouth has drawn power brokers and celebrities to Joey.

His signature is a way to wear clothes that creates a positive experience of confidence, savvy, mojo and a new groove. Based on his personal relationships pioneering brands with European and North American designers/manufacturers, his store reflects the crafted options offered to the status makers in the world, including the shoe maker to the Pope.

Joey's commitment to the community helped grow the men's fashion industry in Canada. He shares with clients his creative genius of being ahead of trend, which allows you the option of setting a trend or being on it. The result is a store in which father and son can explore new lines and amazing accessories.

Enjoy Joey's stylistic eye for combination and personalization that makes every man say: "I didn't know I could look like this!"

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About Zelda

Zelda's career in menswear started as a wardrobe consultant some 16 years ago, the last 9 have been with the Barbuti gentlemen she calls family.

Zelda is professionally passionate about dressing men for that special event, coordinating their colors, selecting what looks good on them, for any lifestyle they enjoy. What excites her the most is the smile her clients have on their faces when they are walking out of the Barbuti doors - this is her passion, this is what she loves to do.

Her personal passions are time spent with family, her husband, parents and friends. She enjoys cooking dinners and having a glass of wine and watching a good movie.

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About Eddy

Eddy started in fashion at the tender age of 18. He apprenticed with Master Tailors and clothing experts for all aspects of men's clothing in both the retail and wholesale markets.

Eddy is an expert in fabric knowledge, from it's care to it's presentation and nothing short of a magician when it comes to fitting a garment on any body type.

Best problems solved are for that customer who walks in needing a new outfit but instead leaves the store with a renewed sense of confidence and well-being. He is passionate about ensuring everyone leaves the shop happy after receiving the benefit of his expertise and the high level of service.

Eddy's personal passions are time spent with his family, soccer, reading and most of all, being a proud grandparent.

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